Schematic Design -- 50%

These following images show the design of the addition and renovation at the 50% point of schematic design. Kerns Group met with the Building Committee on February 21st and these images were shown during the meeting. The work on the design continues and the schematic design should be complete by early April.

sketch showing new addition from parking lot

Sketch showing view from parking lot of addition, new entrance to fellowship hall, new entrance to narthex and gathering space, and porch outside fellowship hall

plan view showing round table seating

Seating at round tables and adjacent spaces (gathering 2), new kitchen, new nursery, and new toilet rooms

plan view showing row seating

Seating for 195 people with a portable stage in place

plan view of addition

Plan view of addition connected to existing building.

plan view of addition

Close up showing seating for 170 people at round tables