music at yard sale

Yard Sale - June 2, 2018!

Everyone is invited to our Yard Sale on Saturday, June 2, from 7 am - 2 pm!

Known locally in our community as "The Big One", our Yard Sale is more than just an enormous Yard Sale. Instead, we strive to turn this into the biggest block party of the year, with music, food and opportunities for people to meet one another and have a great time! And of course, we hope our neighbors will get to know us and more about our ministries!

girl lying in pile of stuffed animals

Recycle, Re-Use,
and Assist

We view our Yard Sale as an important opportunity to provide low cost goods to people in our community who are in need; to recycle and re-use as part of our commitment to good environmental stewardship; and to give proceeds and donated items to organizations in our community which help others who are struggling in these economically difficult times.

We invite everyone to come and be part of this great day!

parking at yard sale

Donations Accepted

We also accept donations for our Yard Sale, which can be brought to the church on Sunday, May 27 from noon - 9pm or Monday through Thursday, May 31 from 10 am - 9 pm.

We have a limited ability to pick up larger items. If you'd like to donate an item which requires pick-up, please E-mail the church office.

You can learn more about our Yard Sale from our Yard Sale Handbook . Forms acknowledging donations are available by contacting the church office.