A Welcome from Pastor Christine

Maybe you haven’t quite stepped through the doors of this church yet, but we’d like you to know that you are welcome here anytime.

Or maybe you have been here once or twice and are looking around our website to find out a bit more about us. We are so glad!

Please – check us out! Take us on a date!

Yes, I said a ‘date’. Searching for a church which fits you is a bit like dating… it takes time and can bit a bit nerve wracking. But when you find that ‘fit’ it’s worth all the time and effort.

Here at Prince of Peace we hope you will find a comfortable space to rest and learn in God’s presence. If you have many or just a few questions about God – we welcome you. If you are Christian or from another or no faith tradition – we welcome you. If you are single, married, or divorced; straight, gay, or bi-sexual – we welcome you; young, middle-aged, or older – we welcome you. No matter where you are on your faith journey – you are welcome here.

There’s a lot that goes on at Prince of Peace and there’s a lot that goes on outside of Prince of Peace. By that we mean – we gather together to worship and learn, but we also strive to be present and active in our community. We’d like to think of ourselves as a church without walls…

Let us answer some questions which may be rattling around in your head:

Do I have to know exactly what I believe about God?

    No. As a matter of fact, questions are welcome. We know that God is bigger and more grand than we could ever imagine. Thank goodness we can’t pin God down.

Do you have a place for my children to go during worship?

    Yes. We have a staffed nursery and many children enjoy playing during worship. However, children are always welcome to stay and worship with their parents. It’s your choice. We have a special message specifically geared towards children during our service.

Do I need to dress-up?

    No. But you may… Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in. My own kids show up in baseball uniforms sometimes and other times in their ‘church’ clothes. Do what works for you.

Will people talk to me?

    Will they talk to me too much? Yes. We are a friendly church – at least we hope we are. We will say ‘hi’ and answer any questions you may have, however we won’t pressure you.

You may have other questions. If you do, please feel free to email or call us. We are looking forward to worship with you.

Deep peace and joy,
Pastor Christine Dunn