Yard Sale In Lent – 40 Bag Challenge

Yard Sale in Lent??  The Lenten season is not too early to start planning for Yard Sale (June 1).  During this season of reflection and preparation, some people take the time for purposeful decluttering.  For ideas on how this can work, consider taking the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge: https://www.whitehouseblackshutters.com/40-bags-in-40-days/. The goal is one bag a day, but you can have more or less as appropriate (and you don’t have to limit yourself to Lent). To make this work DO keep your treasures for Yard Sale separate from the things that need to go to the trash.  Contact Rebecca Claycamp (rdclaycamp@gmail.com) with questions.  

  • What defines a “Bag”? No requirements here. You don’t even have to use a bag. Any size or shape of container is OK. Do what makes sense for you.
  • Is everything supposed to go to Yard Sale? Nope! Some items need to go to the trash, you may decide that you should sell items, and items will be perfect as donations for Yard Sale.  All of it counts (even the trash)!
  • If I want to stick to the 40-day challenge, can I work ahead to build in some days off? Absolutely. In fact, remember that you technically have 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, so the Challenge has a built-in day-off days each week. If you’re feeling super motivated, you might end up filling up several bags on a particular day. In that case, you’ve “earned” a few days off when life gets in the way. And if you don’t get started until the Second Sunday of Lent, no worries.  Even 10-days of effort puts both you and the Yard Sale in better place. 
  • What if I don’t have 40 bags-worth of clutter?  You can still join in on the decluttering fun by getting rid of 40 items during the Challenge period (consider it the lite-version!)
  • Where can I can I get more ideas and motivation? While the website listed is a “home” for the concept, just google “40 bags in 40 days” to get lots of ideas and encouragement. Some people post their progress on Facebook and Instagram.


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