What Departments Are at Yard Sale?

Books: adult and children books, sheet music, CDs, LPs, and DVDs. Please no textbooks, cassette tapes or VCRs. Coordinator: Jennifer Maloney

Clothing and Shoes: both adult and children’s sections, includes purses, hats, accessories and costumes.  All baby items are in the children’s section. Please no infant/child car seats. Adult Coordinator – Mary Staab; Children Coordinator – Janet Levine

Collectables:  vintage “stuff” and stuff that has some value, jewelry, home décor, frames, artwork, knickknacks and chachki (sigh).   (items of higher value are pulled and sold on eBay) Coordinator: Rebecca Claycamp

Computers and Electronics: computers and laptops designed for Window 7 or newer, software and peripherals. Can sell LCD (flat) monitors, laser printers (with test page); Inkjet printers will not sell unless accompanied by a dated, recent sample test page.  Please do not bring CRT monitors, keyboards and mice with the PS/2 (round) connector.  Sound system items; radios & stereos; game stations and games. (floor lamps go to furniture; smaller plug-ins and kitchen items to kitchen and household), keyboards and musical instruments (go figure).  TVs only LCD and LED (no tube TVs). Coordinator: Gordon Gipe

Crafts and Holiday: craft supplies (i.e., anything you can buy at Michael’s), including material; decorations and decorative items for any holiday from Christmas to Easter to Halloween. Coordinators: Gina Linton and Astrid Crookshank

Furniture:  Indoor and outdoor.  Floor lamps here, too.  Please don’t drop off or have the truck pick up items in pieces UNLESS the parts are taped together (preferably with directions) OR you come by and assemble the item at the Yard Sale. Coordinator: Tom Kettler

Garage:  All of the “stuff” that ends up in many/most garages, including bikes, hardware, lawn and garden items, luggage, pet supplies, sporting goods, and tools. Coordinator: Bill Harral

Kitchen and household:  Dishes and glassware, cookware, kitchen appliances, and utensils. Blankets and comforters.  No sheets or towels. Coordinator: Lauren Gibson

Toys:  all sorts of toys, games, and puzzles. Coordinator: Jamie Pflasterer

If you have questions, contact Rebecca Claycamp at rdclaycamp@gmail.com