Things NOT to Bring to Yard Sale

One thing that can seriously complicate getting ready for Yard Sale is dealing with items that are difficult for us to handle and/or are problematic or illegal for us to sell (and even more of a problem to dispose of). Please do not bring or ask the truck to bring any of the following items:

  • ANYTHING broken, dilapidated, dirty, stained;
  • Anything taking more than 2 people to carry;
  • Child booster seats or car seats (cannot be resold!!) ;
  • Large entertainmend centers;
  • Flammables or fuels;
  • Furniture in pieces unless it is taped together with instructions, OR, you come to the church to assemble it;
  • Linens except blankets;
  • Used house paints;
  • Pianos — unless you deliver it!
  • Televisions with tubes (We can sell only LCD/LED); and
  • Texbooks and encyclopedias.