Social Justice Ministry


Happening Now: Gaithersburg HELP food collection; used glasses collection for Lions Club; Tuesday Quilting Group


In Our Congregation

Our Care Team (members helping members) help those in our congregation who are sick, coming home from the hospital or in some kind of special need. Together with our Pastor, they insure that Christian care and love is an emphasis of the whole congregation. 

The Souper Bowl of Caring, an annual tradition (continued in Sunday School), promotes collecting soup and stew for Gaithersburg HELP.  This charity provides free food, including meats and produce (as available) to the community. 

Prince of Peace serves as a collection depot for Gaithersburg HELP. Gathering imperishable food throughout the year, the congregation is invited to sustain support for HELP by dropping off donations at church in every season. Prince of Peace donated 3,543 pounds of food in 2021, responding to 50% increase in need since the pandemic began. 

TWO PHOTOS of collection buckets/donations

The Interfaith 5K, a race (or walk) to bring together Christian, Muslim, and Jewish
faiths, is held every Labor Day as a symbol of mutual respect and coordination among
faiths. Funds raised are donated to Gaithersburg HELP and C-4, an interfaith group
serving the Colesville community with the Clothes Closet, Baby Closet and more.

TWO PHOTOS of finish line and runners

Click here for updates and registration for the Montgomery County Interfaith 5K

In May, 2022 members organized a spring clothing drive to benefit Interfaith Works
Clothing Center. New and gently used clothing continue to be in need.
TWO PHOTOS of clothes collected and Chris/Bill with clothes

Prince of Peace encourages the congregation to come together to prepare bag lunches
for women at the Interfaith Works shelter.

Each year, at the end of summer, Prince of Peace supports Interfaith Works by
collecting school supplies for disadvantaged children to provide for the beginning of
class. Each child receives a new backpack stuffed with school supplies like
notebooks, paper, and pens so they may start the year as ready to learn as their peers.

Prince of Peace is available in our down hours to host volunteer group meetings like Narcotics Anonymous in our church home.

In 2021, confirmands and their parents cared for God’s creation. Working with the
Muddy Branch Alliance, the group cleared out trash, including 3 tires, barbed wire, a
table, and a street sign, along Speicher’s Run.

PHOTO of confirmands cleaning up Speicher’s Run

Bearing witness against racism and to the strength of God’s redeeming love,
congregation members protested and stood for the promise of African American lives
out front of the church for several weeks in rain or shine in summer 2020.

For Our Country

In May 2022, Prince of Peace hosted its first live and silent auction, raising almost
$12,775 for refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine. (See: Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service link to video from CEO of LIRS) The congregation really responded by offering items for the auction that would please everybody, from pies to offers of parties and summer accommodations in vacation spots on the East Coast. With jazz accompaniment on the piano, it was a night of festivity for all who’ve felt
cooped up by Covid for so long.

Around the World

Lovingly providing for shelter and warmth around the world, quilters at Prince of
Peace have been making over 20 beautiful quilts each year. The group meets on
Tuesday mornings in the Fellowship Hall at POP. Please consider joining them or
donating material for their use.

Prince of Peace youth made personal care kits including towels, toothbrushes and
soap for refugees fleeing persecution and violence in their countries.

Prince of Peace youth also supported farmers around the world by sending chicks and
goats, as well as supplying vaccinations for children through their annual coin box
collection. Raising more than $700, the children learned to address the needs of our
world community with help and care.

Lutheran World Relief
ELCA God’s Global Barnyard

In summer 2019, a group of adults from Prince of Peace traveled to Honduras on a
mission trip to rebuild community structures and bring the word of God to those in

TWO PHOTOS of service in Honduras
Link to Haven Universe and/or program in Honduras